Leadership Connects Cultures

The rules of the game are changing from globalization to »glocalization«. Successful organizations adapt business strategies, product development, services, marketing, and distribution to different regional markets with different cultural and socio-economic constraints.

Hence leadership in the 21st century faces a new challenge: Leading in multinational environments means to connect different cultures and to integrate diversity instead of fruitlessly trying to impose simplistic, ›universalistic‹ approaches.

The Centre for Leadership experts provide workshops, consulting and implementation services, and executive coaching to connect different cultures and different markets:

  • East meets West in India, China, and the Arab World: Understand and adapt to different behavioral, communication, and leadership patterns.
  • Reintegrate into your organization »at home«: Capitalize on your experience and learning from a different culture.
  • Abroad Assignment Management: Identify your expats as organizational assets and manage the benefits of their new experiences and capabilities.
  • Identify and enable your multiplicators: Maximize your organization’s learning capabilities.
  • Understand and address complexity according to new market flows and working requirements.
  • Build, integrate, and then leverage the diversity within your organization.

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