ZFF – Why Choose Us?

Our Experience

Everything that we convey and demonstrate to you, we have experienced, tested, and proven ourselves.
At home and abroad for international companies, for small and medium-sized enterprises, in clinics, in public sector bodies, universities, cultural institutions, NPOs/NGOs, start-ups etc., etc., etc....

Your Safety

Because we directly work on your projects without delegating them to an anonymus back office, we can ensure lasting results in a consistent quality for you. We are solution finders for nearly every aspect in the leadership context, and where we encounter a blind spot, we thrive to fill it.


In-depth academic education and training, decades of practical experience in leading (and being led) in diverse areas of expertise, and our wisdom, practical knowledge paired with common sense give us the necessary sovereignty for our tasks.


We accept that there are no absolute certainties. Therefore, we are equipped to take on uncertainty, identify the hidden opportunities it contains, and by utilizing them turn the situation around to your advantage.


If you wish to deal successfully with complexity, you must be able to gauge, calibrate, and differentiate in order to create precise, customized solutions. Quality shows up in the details. Therefore, we are picture perfect not only in the Big Picture, but with every single step leading up to it.


More than ever, it is important to understand and leverage complexity and diversity. We integrate diversity, and we achieve the required results.

Solid Work

We are committed to the qualities which we believe to be essential for leaders and managers: to listen actively, to communicate consistently, to share knowledge and experience, to act sincerely and credibly, to take responsibility, and to achieve, and earn confidence.

Enjoy Your Work

The goal of our work is effectiveness and well-being. Joyousness in our work means: the elation of getting things done. Our clients, as a matter of cause, shall also experience this pleasure. We are in this together.


Returns are essential. We have learned: Soft factors create hard facts. We can show you how.


People create results for people.

The Werk SCMT – Steinbeis Center of Management and Technology SHB – Steinbeis Hochschule Berlin TechCenter Wortmarke auf weiss Labs Network Industrie 4.0 ITB Consulting GmbH

ZFF supports:

CURE – Cooperative University Racecar Engineering @DHBW Mannheim

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