Resilience in Change Processes as the Source of Organizational Robustness

There are companies that still exist – successfully – for more than 500 years while the average liespan of business organizations is about 12 years.

What is the basis of the resilience of such these persistent, and consistent organizations? The 1st reason can be found in their well-educated, well trained (in terms of vocational training and experience), and highly engaged employees and leaders. The 2nd reaon lies in the ›genes‹ of the organization, something that is deeply encoded into its culture and the spirit of its members.

The key success factor for coping with the dynamic change of external conditions is the adaptive capacity of an organization which is basically nothing else but continuously applied creativity and innovativeness.

If you want to reshape your organization towards resilience and creativity – that is to say create a robust organization – we support you with a specific set of our services combining culture development, change management, organizational innovativeness, and leadership.

We take this very seriously, because helping to shape organizations »built to last« is deeply encoded into our own genes.

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